Fixperts project, 2019

Tal’s baby carrier 11 .jpg

Fixperts is a learning program that challenges young people to use their imagination and skills to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems for a real person.


Lifting and carrying a baby requires two healthy hands.

Tal’s carrier helps to pick up a baby with minimum muscle use.

Tal was born with ‘Amioplasia’ which means her arm muscles didn’t develop normally.

Tal’s dream is to be a mother, but she knows she won't be able

to take care of him by herself because she can’t even lift a lightweight.

Me and my colleague Or were thinking about the best way to help Tal deal with her problem. We tried many ways to help Tal and we found out that the best way is lifting from the side of Tal’s body and not from the front. 

The inside of the carrier is made of dry-fit knit textiles so it will be

cozy for the baby and easy to clean for the mother.

We made a long strap so it won’t be an effort for Tal to wrap the carrier around her neck, and the buckle makes it easy to pull and attach the baby to the chest.

In addition, there are three head plastic buckles to keep the baby safe,

and a back pocket to put the remaining strap.

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